Takaka – Nelson

In Takaka, the boys paid a visit to the Waikoropupu Springs, the largest fresh water springs in New Zealand. Next on the itinerary was a guided walk into the Kahurangi National Park. The highlight of this park was the Heaphy Track.

The Heaphy track follows a river which makes for a fantastic scenic hike through the forests. The park is filled with native birds like the Weka, Pipit, tui, bellbird and pigeon.

From Takaka, the boys moved on to Collingwood, where they spent the night at Skara Brae Garden Motel [NZ $ 100]

The only thing that Anil found interesting in Collingwood was a homemade Scallop Pie and a caving expedition at Te Anaroa Caves. The caves are supposed to be one of the most beautiful things in New Zealand. Filled with Stalactites and Stalagmites, the Te Anaroa Caves even have fossilized shellfish. The best part was when their guide suggested that they turn off their flashlights for a minute. In the complete darkness, the walls above filled up with glow worms! Entry fee was NZ $ 25 for a single adult.

However, judging from Anil’s descriptions, Collingwood sounds like a place to calm your nerves down from the rest of the adventure filled New Zealand. They spent the entire day sleeping, eating and making plans to move further south during the week hitting the city of Marlborough.

My guess is that Anil and Rishi would have stayed at Marlborough for about two days before travelling further south. I know Anil’s getting very impatient about reaching the southern most tip of NZ.


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