The Grape Ride, Marlborough

“We’ve been planning on checking out the Grape ride. Have you heard of it? It’s an event scheduled for the 12th of April here in Marlborough. The Forrest Estate Grape ride is the South Island’s biggest cycling event. The guys have international riders as well. The Grape ride takes place every year in April and is the biggest cycling event of the South Island.”

“The Marlborough Grape Ride traverses a 101km circuit through NZ’s stunning scenery. From the Forrest Estate Winery stone wall which is located in the capital of the New Zealand wine industry, Renwick, it’s a flat route to Blenheim. Riders then head north and gently climb into Picton with an exhilarating descent into the centre of the town. Climbing out of Picton, the route follows the picturesque Queen Charlotte Drive around the head of Queen Charlotte and Pelorus Sounds, literally a ride through nature’s photo album. The stunning scenery of Ngakuta and Momorangi Bays passes as the ride winds and twists to The Grove. The ride finally culminates at Renwick. Off the bike and you’re in the grapes with our celebrity guests, treading grapes for processing into an exclusive Forrest Estate vintage for next year’s event! Sounds cool, huh? Rishi plans on volunteering. I think it sounds like a good idea. We won’t get to cycle, but we’ll get to be in the thick of the action in some way, I think. Marlborough’s a lot of fun!”


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