Excess of adventure

“Hey dude! Christchurch is quite nice. We’ve been here two days now and there’s loads to do. Rishi and I are going on a trip in a hot air balloon. Rishi has been insisting on a sky diving adventure, but I’m not too keen. I think he’ll go anyway, there’s no stopping him. I guess I’ll spend that day checking out the Canterbury museum. We just took a beautiful tram ride around the city centre. This is for sure a poet’s paradise. It’s possibly one of the most poetic places on the planet. I think I’m turning into a poet myself. A local suggested we go punting on the Avon River. I never ever thought I’d be telling someone that, ‘hey on Monday I’m going on a trip in a hot air balloon and on Tuesday I’m going punting and on Wednesday maybe I’ll go sky diving!’ Hilarious, but true…I’m doing it all man!”


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