Hot Air Ballooning

“Before leaving this world, if there’s one wish you have to make and one thing you must do, please let it be travelling in a hot air balloon. It’s the most otherworldly experience I have ever had. If you ever visit Christchurch, you’ve got to go to Balloon Adventures Up Up and Away Ltd. It’s at Unit 6, 31 Stevens Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch.
The climate at Christchurch is ideal for hot air ballooning and the view from up there is nothing less than spectacular. The joy is not sitting in a hot air balloon as such; I mean we could sit in hot air balloons anywhere in the world. But the joy is the scenery. Christchurch has one of the best sceneries in the world and that’s what makes the hot air balloon experience so special. Rishi and I helped in the flight preparation and took more than thirty pictures of the mosaic-like farmlands and rivers. I wish I could travel to Australia in one of those hot air balloons. I think it would be great. Don’t spoil it by asking how I would relieve myself. Cheers!”


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