Christchurch – Canterbury

Anil and Rishi seem to be having the time of their lives in NZ. They’ve been having too much fun and I feel like joining them right this minute! In fact, I’m giving it some serious thought. They didn’t check out Fox Glacier because Rishi caught a chill and was down and out for two days. But even staying cloistered indoors wasn’t too boring for the boys. They went through their last bottle of Sauvignon and even got an aroma therapy done.

Anil and Rishi have now moved due south to Christchurch. I got a long sms from Anil romanticizing about the place. I’m sure he copied it from one of the travel brochures, but I must write it down here, it’s quite amusing.

‘From the silvery beaches of the coast to the jagged peaks of the Southern Alps, the Canterbury landscape is impossible to ignore. The scenery stretches for miles to include panoramas of ocean or mountains, great sweeps of pastureland and massive amounts of sky.’ Massive amounts of sky!?? Clearly!

Anil & Rishi are staying at the Matariki Bed and Breakfast for NZ $ 110 a night. The breakfast’ supposed to be quite nice. But that’s it from the kiwis for now.


Nelson – South Island

Last heard, Anil and Nelson had moved to the South Island and were visiting a place called Nelson. He sent me a few photographs, but for some reason they haven’t been opening on my system.

The guys reached Nelson on a Saturday and spent the first day roaming around the market. The Saturday market is supposed to be very popular and is filled with artists and craftsmen. Nelson’s supposed to be bustling with artistic sensibilities. The guys paid a visit to the World of WearableArt and Collectible Cars Museum. On Tuesday, they set sail for Abel Tasman National Park. The park is apparently renowned the world over for its beautiful beaches.

Anil pre-booked a Wainui Hut. I’m not sure if that’s a kind of hut or it’s just a name for the hut, but the Wainui Hut is a four bunk Standard hut which comes with heating, mattresses, water supply and toilets. Anil and Rishi took time exploring the coast track, which is roughly a 50 km stretch. They travelled from Marahau to Anchorage and from Anchorage to Bark Bay all in one day, which is around 7 hours together!

The Park is supposed to have loads of activities and there’s plenty to choose from.

Post their park exploration, the boys headed back to the main city and spent the next day visiting Farewell Spit on a safari. A bird sanctuary since the early 1930’s, Farewell Spit is home to 90 bird species. Anil sent me a list of the birds along with photographs, but again the images can’t be opened.

From Farewell Spit, the boys travelled to the neighbouring town of Takaka. More on that later.

Visiting the Capital

My pal Anil is now in Wellington. He flew down to the capital city a couple of days ago to meet a friend. I’ve read a bit about Wellington and my wife’s got a few friends living there. It’s supposed to be a nice city with a beautiful harbour and a few wildlife sanctuaries.

But Anil’s been up to plenty more in this place. His friend and he being great fans of The Lord of the Rings, went on a tour of the LOTR sites! Interesting, I thought. The boys went on a mountain biking expedition on Makara Peak and bird watching on the Tasman Sea coast. Anil was staying with his friend in Wellington and quite enjoyed the change from the hotels.

If you want some good theatrics, then Anil suggests a trip to BATS, Wellington’s theatre. He missed the Fringe Festival, which took place in February, but was very intrigued with the Laugh Fest, which happens in May. Anil said he watched two performances, but refuses to give a review [art is not up his alley].

“Wellington is a good place for hunting game. We went on this guided hunting tour with New Zealand Adventure Specialists Ltd. These guys have got their own exclusive hunting estate! Firearms and ammunition were provided for and the hunt was on! We were told there was plenty of deer and chamois. We spent the whole day waiting and watching, traveling around guns cocked and ready for some action, but nothing happened! We got a few sights on deer, but those things move like the wind!”

The only hunting Anil has done before was shooting chameleons with his catapult; I’m not surprised at his luck, nevertheless, lucky deer!